5 reasons why you should start playing Minecraft today

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5 reasons why you should start playing Minecraft today

Are you looking for a new game to play? If so, then you should try getting your hands on playing Minecraft! This is one of the best and most played games in the world and you can get a copy for an affordable price. If that is not enough to convince you to join the fun block wagon, here 5 reasons why you should start playing Minecraft today:

  1. Minecraft is an open-world game

Minecraft does not have a story mode unlike other games in the market. However, some players claim that defeating the Ender Dragon is the end of Minecraft. Though before you reach that stage, you have a wide world of possibilities to explore and gather enough resources.

Playing Minecraft for a whole day can let you discover a lot of things such as shipwrecks, abandoned buildings, raiding pillagers and more! There is no dull moment when you play the game because it keeps on surprising you.

  1. It has a cross-play feature

Minecraft gets better because it offers a multiplayer feature! This means that you can play and explore with your friends. The best part is that the game allows you to cross-play. This means that your friends can use any kind of gaming console and still be able to play together!

Although, the downside is that your friends cannot play without you, especially if you are the host of the base world. As a solution to this, Minecraft offers affordable prices on setting up a server where you and your friends can use at any time of the day!

  1. You can use mods to enhance the gaming experience

If you happen to get tired of the traditional art style of Minecraft, you can customize your world by adding cool mods! A lot of talented players create mods that will fit your liking. You can find something that edits your appearance, or something that makes your world in 4K resolution. 

  1. The soundtrack slaps hard

One thing that makes people fall in love with Minecraft is because of its calm and soothing soundtrack. Artist C418 is the one responsible for producing all of the tunes that you hear whenever you play the game. On top of that, his artistry created a certain nostalgia on each song that will make you look back on a good memory from the past.

  1. You can never get tired of playing it

You will never get tired of playing Minecraft! There are a lot of things you can do, and completing them one by one is your main motivation to keep playing. Although, you are free to take breaks in case you want to try other games. Though as soon as you play Minecraft again, you will enter a nostalgic rabbit hole that will take weeks or months to get out of!

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