A beginner’s guide to playing Minecraft

Minecraft is unlike any other video game you’ve ever played. There are no clear goals or tutorials to assist you in getting started. To help you prepare for your first gameplay, Minecraft Potions gives you this beginner’s guide for a fun gaming experience.

Objectives and basic control

Minecraft does not have a central goal, although everyone has an ideal gameplay path. When you play in this vast, arid landscape, you have nothing but the clothes on your back and a basic supply of food and water to live for the following day.

To craft more potent tools, weapons, and armour, you can then go out and find important materials like iron ore and diamonds. It is possible to travel over the open world to find villages, scavenge secret chests, and battle enemy monsters called mobs.

Here are the basic controls you should know by heart:

  • Use the mouse to look around
  • Movement – W, A, S, & D keys
  • Jump – Spacebar
  • Run – Double-tap W
  • Crouch/Sneak – Hold Shift
  • Use or place items – right click
  • Throw the item you are holding on the ground – Q 
  • Cycle through the slots on your inventory – 1-9 number keys
  • F5 – Cycle through different camera views
  • Break blocks or attack – left click
  • Access inventory – E

Game modes

It is possible to experience the open world in various ways in Minecraft, thanks to a variety of distinct game modes. Minecraft game modes include the following:

  • Survival – After being spawned on a new planet at random, players must attempt to survive by gathering resources, constructing a shelter, levelling up, and fending off enemy creatures. They must also gain experience. 
  • Creative – This mode’s goal lets players develop and build their universes. You have access to practically all blocks and items, are invulnerable and immune to death, and can fly in creative mode. 
  • Spectator – This mode is used to view other players’ worlds. As a viewer, you cannot interact with your items or other blocks. Viewing other players’ worlds in this mode is the most common use.
  • Adventure – In the adventure mode, players must interact with various things and creatures to progress.
  • Hardcore – Hardcore is similar to survival mode because their difficulty is set to ‘hard,’ and players cannot respawn once they die.

How to build a shelter?

In Minecraft, nightfall is highly deadly due to monsters known as mobs. Eventually, as you level up, these hordes will serve as a tool for your advancement. But for the time being, they pose the greatest danger.

There’s no better way to avoid danger than to sleep in a bed made from the fleece and wood of a sheep that has been slaughtered. Use your tools to gather enough of your chosen material to construct a simple home, whether it’s wood or stone.

How to find food?

Every action makes you hungry, including mining, sprinting, healing, and jumping. Healing occurs when the bar is full, but if you lose even a small amount of hunger, you will no longer recover from injuries.

It is possible to die of starvation if your hunger bar continues to decrease. To keep yourself alive in the beginning by gathering items such as animal meat, fish, berries, oak-tree apples, and even the decaying meat of zombies.

Light it up

Because they are frightened of light, the game’s monsters don’t come out until nightfall. Mobs will not be able to enter your shelter. To keep them away, you will need torches.

There are two ways to create torches. You can either acquire coal from outdoors or make charcoal using stone blocks and boiling wood logs to create charcoal. Place the charcoal on a stick to make torches on your crafting table. These torches can then be put in any location to generate light and prevent mob spawns.

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