Most valuable potions you can make in Minecraft

Minecraft introduces you to a world where you are free to do as you please with all the resources you can find. Armed with the right tools and items, you can create simple buildings and complex systems by yourself or with your friends. There are also rare and precious items you can find in certain areas or when defeating monsters, but they present a real challenge to players.

One way to make the game easier is to have your character drink some potions that have different effects. Some of these potions may require more than three ingredients to make. So, try to stock up on them first before hunting strong creatures. Here are suggestions from Minecraft Potions:

Regeneration +

Sometimes, exploring an area takes a lot of time. This means that you could run into some trouble more frequently than usual. In such cases, a potion that regenerates your health is your best friend. The Regeneration + potion keeps you alive in longer fights by having your health constantly regenerate for two minutes.

It takes an Awkward Potion mixed with Ghast Tear and Redstone to make this potion. The Redstone allows the potion to have a long-lasting effect.

Water Breathing +

The aquatic areas of the Minecraft world are more than just for fishing. Shipwrecks, sunken buildings, and caves can also be found under the water’s surface. However, with the limited oxygen supply you have, there’s not much you can do underwater. Minecraft’s alternative to scuba gear is the Water Breathing + potion which allows you to be underwater without worrying about your oxygen supply for three minutes.

The Water Breathing + potion only takes some Awkward Potion, Pufferfish, and Redstone to make. Time to dive for those treasures!

Fire Resistance +

Minecraft also features an underworld where you will be surrounded by subsoil, ores, and of course, magma. Instant death awaits anyone who falls into a pool of magma in the underworld, but there is a way to be immune to it. The Fire Resistance + potion allows you to swim in magma, perfect for safely exploring the Nether for up to eight minutes.

As the name suggests, the potion also protects you from fire damage from creatures and explosions. The Fire Resistance + potion can be created by mixing some Awkward Potion with Magma Cream and Redstone.

Invisibility +

Hunters need to be stealthy sometimes, which is why an invisibility potion is a handy tool for players who want to keep themselves hidden from other creatures and preserve their health. The invisibility effect lasts for three minutes, but you could still get noticed when you get too close to mobs. Also, the potion doesn’t work on your armour.

Mix up some Awkward Potion, Golden Carrot, Fermented Spider Eye, and Redstone and you will never be seen again by the creatures you don’t like…at least from a distance.

Leaping +

The world of Minecraft is filled with mountains and high terrain that can sometimes get too tedious just to scale them all in search of valuable materials. Fortunately, there is a potion that can instantly get you to the top with no worries. The Leaping + potion allows for 90 seconds of a massive boost in jumping height.

You can even use this to get out of deep holes and caves after getting the ores you want. All it takes is some Awkward Potion, Rabbit’s Foot, and Redstone.

Aside from weapons and taking advantage of the surroundings to deal with hostile creatures, potions are your best items to have when it comes to raids. If you need any more guides to acquiring the ingredients needed for the potions you need or even in the game itself, head on over to Minecraft Potions!

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