The beginner’s guide to playing Minecraft

The beginner’s guide to playing Minecraft

Minecraft is an undying game that people love no matter how old they are. Notch or Markus Persson created the game using Java programming language. In 2011, he released the first game to the public, and people were curious about the gameplay. With constant updates and reviews, Minecraft has grown into what it is today, and it is one of the highest-selling games in the gaming industry.

Despite that, some people are still clueless about what Minecraft is all about. Well, to answer that question, you will never really know until you start playing the game. If that is too much of a hassle, then you should read this guide because it will tell you everything you need to know about the game. 

Creative vs Survival: What’s the difference between the two?

Starting Minecraft will show you its main menu, and you have the choice of playing single or multiplayer. Whichever you choose, the game will ask if you want to play in Creative or Survival mode. Here’s the difference between them:

Creative mode

Choose Creative mode if you are up for releasing your mind’s imagination and creativity into the game. Here, you have an unlimited amount of resources such as wood, iron, diamond and other coloured blocks. With this freedom, you can construct anything you want! This can be a diorama of your favourite city, your favourite character’s super attack or the castle of your dreams. In Creative mode, everything is limitless, and the only limit is your imagination.

Survival mode

Survival mode is the complete opposite of Creative mode. For one, you are only given many resources at the beginning of the game. Afterwards, it is completely up to you to find and mine the things you need to survive. Aside from that, the game challenges you further by adding hostile mobs that are out to get you in the night! In Survival mode, your goal is to live however you want and evade any possible causes for death. 

Most players choose to play Survival mode because of the added challenges. If this is your kind of playstyle, continue reading further into the article to know what you have to do.

Surviving in Minecraft: A handy to-do list

As soon as you begin Survival mode, the game spawns you into an unknown vast world that is begging to be discovered. For beginners, you can activate the starting chest because this will contain the essentials you will need to survive. Though if you want a challenge, you are free to start with nothing and begin mining resources.

  1. Starting with wood

The game commonly spawns you inside the woods or in an area where trees are abundant. Using your hand as a tool, approach any of the tree trunks to start chopping some wood. Once you have gathered enough, you can now start crafting the following:

  • Sticks
  • Wooden planks
  • Crafting table
  • Wooden sword
  • Wooden axe
  • Wooden pickaxe
  • Wooden shovel

With these tools, you can build a cosy shelter for yourself to hide during the night. Aside from that, you will need these starting materials to begin mining higher tiers of resources such as stone, iron, gold and more.

  1. Welcome to the Stone Age!

Moving on to your next phase of Survival mode, it is time to brace yourself and enter the caves. Here, you can start mining for some stone, and when you do, new recipes will be added to your crafting menu. With that said, you can now craft stone tools that are more durable and stronger than the wooden set.

As you explore the caves, you will notice that it gets darker as you go deeper inside. It is too dangerous if you keep moving without seeing anything since there could be hostile mobs waiting for you. So, your next mission is to look for coal, and these are usually located at the mouth of the caves.

Once you have this resource, get your crafting table (always make sure to bring one) and start crafting torches that will light up your way. 

  1. The quest for creating a bed

Survival mode means that time is also another challenge. The moment day shifts into night, hostile mobs such as zombies, skeletons, spiders are out to get you. So, how do you work around this?

Before the sun sets, you need to have shelter and a bed. Making a shelter is easy since you only need to surround yourself with 4 walls of blocks and place a door at the entrance to keep hostile mobs from entering. On the other hand, crafting a bed could be a possible challenge for you.

To create a bed, you need to have 3 pieces of wool that you can get from sheep. You can either slay them or use a pair of shears to get some wool. Moreover, these sheep come in different colours, which means that you can create a bed of your favourite colour! Although, that can come later because practicality is more important.

You might be wondering why having a bed is so important. This piece of furniture can save you from imminent danger because using it can immediately shift night to day! With that said, all hostile mobs are gone, and you can resume mining resources again. While this is a good survival tip, you cannot use your bed when there are monsters nearby. As a solution, you should slay them first before clocking in for the night.

  1. Time for the Iron era

Your goal in Minecraft is to get stronger each day so that no monster or attacker can knock you out in an instant. So, you should continuously upgrade your tools and mine for more resources. The next item to tick on your to-do list is to mine for some iron.

With iron, you can create better grade tools that you can use for a long time. Aside from that, iron is the main ingredient of creating armour and shield to protect yourself. Although, this resource is not like the others where you can craft immediately. You will need to smelt it first using a stove and produce what you call an iron ingot. This is what you need to begin crafting your protective gear and equipment.

  1. Diamonds!!!

Every Minecraft beginner’s peak is when they found diamonds in the deepest level of the caves. This is one of the rarest minerals in the game, and it is always a sweet treat when you find them after long periods of searching. Moreover, diamonds are more than just a pretty object because these are used to create the second-best tools and armour!

With diamond equipment, you can slay hostile mobs with two or three swings of your sword. The best part is that it is faster to mine resources compared to using iron, stone or wooden tools. However, the drawback on this is that there are only a limited number of diamonds within an area. This scarcity challenges you to choose which item to craft since you cannot get it all.

  1. Exploring the Nether

When people say that Minecraft offers an adventure, they truly mean it. Aside from the base world, you can also go underground! To do this, you need to create a portal to transport you into the Nether world. Here are the following things you need to have:

  • 10-12 Obsidian (You can get this by pouring water into lava. Make sure to have a diamond pickaxe ready because this is the only tool that can mine it.)
  • Flint and steel (Mine gravel blocks to get the flint, then combine it with one iron ingot.)

Once you have them both, here is a guide on how to create a portal:

  • Place three blocks of obsidian at the base. Make the sides 3 blocks tall, then do the same thing at the top.
  • With your flint and steel, ignite the portal by hitting the obsidian. A purple light will appear in the centre of the obsidian blocks.

Before you enter the Nether, you are aware that this place is full of danger and trickery. It is best to prepare so that you will not die and lose all your items. Here are the things your need for your Nether journey:

  • Diamond sword
  • Iron pickaxe (at least three of them)
  • 3 stacks of torches (that’s 192 torches in total since one stack lets you hold 64 of them)
  • Bucket of water
  • Wear complete gear of armour but one should be made in gold (this is to blend with the Piglins)
  • Lots and lots of food
  • 3 stacks of cobblestones (so that you can create bridges)
  1. Get mad

The last thing to tick off your to-do list is getting mad. Sometimes, it is inevitable for you to die and lose all of your rare items found inside your pocket. When this happens, take a break, then go back to the area where you died to collect all your lost items!

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